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Mediterranean Diet


The Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest and most balanced diets in existence,

and is a set of eating habits typical of the peoples of the Mediterranean basin.

It is attributed certain beneficial properties for health and a prominent role in the prevention of different diseases, largely thanks to the contribution of olive oil.

As a way of eating it has been acquiring great importance in recent decades not only in the countries of origin of such a healthy food formula.

It is possibly the way of eating that is especially associated with health and quality of life, in fact,

numerous scientific investigations show that a regular following of this dietary pattern brings interesting benefits in protecting the health of users. 

Initially, its relationship with the lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases was studied,

but today we know of the magnificent preventive activity that this way of life, and not only of eating,

provides against degenerative diseases typical of developed societies and even some types of cancer.


Nutrisanum is an organization specialized in food, nutrition and health where we have integrated health professionals, researchers, university professors, chefs and the food business world, to develop research projects, design, planning, training and scientific dissemination of the best food strategies to increase the health and welfare of people in their family and work environment.

At NutriSanum we have studied the phenomenon and have developed a new concept in healthy eating where Echate Pa lla Restaurant has implemented the innovative dietary approach MedFusion by NutriSanum that has used in its design the pattern of the Mediterranean Diet as the basis of healthy eating to which we have added healthy foods and preparations from the five continents in order to contribute even more to the preparation of healthy dining options, so that the culinary enjoyment in Echate Pa lla represents an added value. Gastronomic enjoyment and health.

Chef Antonio Puertas has worked together with Antonio Murillo (Co-Founder. Scientific-Technical Director) to achieve a healthy and balanced menu for the Echate Pa lla Restaurant. Based on the Mediterranean Diet.

Mediterranean Diet
Healthy Eating Course
Antonio Puertas chef de Echate Pa lla
Antonio Puertas & Antonio Murillo

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Castillo de Tabernas

Castillo de Tabernas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an oil with countless awards, the last one being the gold medal obtained in the AVPA contest in Paris. Its nutritional characteristics, as well as its low acidity, make it essential for those of us who seek a healthy and natural diet.

Our olive grove, located in the valley of the Tabernas desert, in Almeria, has a unique microclimate, being next to the Mediterranean coast and with the highest number of hours of sunshine per year in Europe.

This allows us to obtain a superior raw material, which through its cold pressing results in an extra virgin olive oil unique in the world.

Its early harvest allows us to enjoy a long fruity aftertaste that makes all its qualities and freshness pleasant, showing its personality on the nose with fruity olive of medium ripeness, notes of fig tree and freshly cut grass, chlorophyll and artichoke.

Surely you have ever wondered what they mean when they say that an Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fruity.

This term refers to the set of olfactory sensations that EVOO evoke depending on the variety of olive that has been used for its elaboration.

These sensations are perceived retronasally.

Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil adds great flavor to many foods, but it also helps prevent and reduce the development of many diseases.

Olive oil can help reduce the joint pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis. These effects are magnified when combined with the intake of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that causes deformed and painful joints. While the causes are not known, it is believed to occur because of a deficient immune system in which antibodies attack healthy cells by mistake. Studies show that extra virgin olive oil reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in individuals with this condition.

Type II diabetes, for its beneficial effects on glycemia and insulin sensitivity. This was confirmed by a study published in the Diabetes Journal that included 418 subjects.

also According to the results, the group that consumed the Mediterranean diet with olive oil reduced the risk

of developing type II diabetes by more than 40%.

Basically consuming healthy fats can be beneficial when it comes to burning calories, as it accelerates the metabolism.

In addition, experts on this subject, such as Leandro Ravetti, state that “a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil can favor weight loss and weight maintenance.

In fact, low-fat diets are less effective than those containing healthy fats for this purpose”.

Types of Olive Oil

Olive Green Olive

Green Olive Oil

Green Olive: On the palate reveals a pleasant balance between spiciness and bitterness, with a medium-ripe olive fruitiness, with notes of freshly cut grass, artichoke, banana and chlorophyll.

Olive Picual del Desierto

Olive Oil Picual

Picual del Desierto: On the palate we enjoy its personality on the nose with a fruity nose of olives of medium ripeness but this time with notes of fig, freshly cut grass, chlorophyll and artichoke.

Olive Arbequina del Desierto

Olive Oil Arbequina

Arbequina del Desierto: For its part, the EVOO brings subtle hints of tomato leaf, green grass and banana on the palate. In addition, the aftertaste increases the intensity of the fruitiness, enhancing its freshness. The nose is also fresh with aromas of freshly cut grass, ripe fruit and banana.