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Raquel Heredia “La Repompa”

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Raquel Heredia “La Repompa”, also known as ‘La Repompilla’, was born in Malaga into a family of gypsy artists.

Daughter of guitarist Luis Heredia and cantaora Rafaela Reyes, she spent her adolescence in the United States, where the family moved, residing and traveling to various cities in this country. It was in the tablaos of Manhattan, in New York City, where she debuted as a dancer at a very early age.

The sister of Amparo Heredia, winner of the first prize of the Lámpara Minera del Cante de las Minas, also boasts of being a self-taught dancer who never studied with teachers or masters of dance; hence the personality she transmits on stage and the authenticity of her dancing.

At the age of 18, she began a tour of Japan with Juan Andrés Maya, a well-known flamenco dancer from Granada. The following year, Raquel Heredia ‘La Repompa’ settled in Madrid, where she worked in the most prestigious tablaos of the city, continuing her artistic career and forging her name as one of the main flamenco dancers of the current flamenco scene.

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