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International Croquette Day


The authentic croquettes in Echate Pa Lla Restaurant

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Welcome to our culinary corner! On this special day, we celebrate with enthusiasm the International Croquette Day. At Echate Pa Lla Restaurant, we want to pay tribute to this delicious and crunchy delicacy that has conquered palates around the world. Immerse yourself in the unique experience of flavors that only a good croquette can offer, join us in this gastronomic celebration!

Croquettes, originally from French cuisine, became popular in Spain and became a culinary treasure. Their success lies in the mixture of bechamel sauce and various ingredients, forming small portions that are breaded and fried to obtain a golden and crunchy texture.

In Miami, the acceptance of croquettes has been extraordinary. This dish has conquered the hearts of locals and visitors alike, becoming an essential classic in the city’s gastronomic scene. Our restaurant is proud to bring this tradition to your table, offering croquettes with authentic flavors that will transport you directly to the essence of Spanish cuisine. Discover the magic of croquettes with us on International Croquette Day! Enjoy our best croquettes with Chef Antonio Puertas’ secret recipe.


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