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Mediterranean Spanish Restaurant

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The Echate Pa lla team that we present below is the best team that has been formed to make you feel a totally different gastronomic experience.

Get ready to taste the authentic Spanish food, a fun, healthy food, based on the Mediterranean diet, that will transport you to Spain.

The best of our cuisine is the creativity based on fresh products of the day and the use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Castillo de Tabernas” All with the advice of Nutrisanum (Association of Spanish nutritionists) that has worked with our Chef to make our menu as healthy and balanced as possible.

All in a cozy atmosphere, with live music and a great variety of wines. Where we want to make you feel at home.

They say that the love for food is the most sincere love, and for a good reason, the gastronomic outings assure us experiences where pleasure is the protagonist: flavors, textures, aromas, friends, love, family, fun.

Antonio Puertas Chef restaurante español Spanish Restaurant

Antonio Puertas

Chef & Co-owner

There are no better people than those who love good food.

We all put our hands in the fire for people with an extraordinary palate. Those who distinguish good food also distinguish good living.

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Spanish Restaurant